Any kind of pneumonia - pneumonia - is an extremely dangerous disease. Possible complications include tissue fibrosis, fluid accumulation in the lung (pleurisy), respiratory failure, decreased blood oxygen saturation, etc.

Pneumonia associated with COVID-19 can be asymptomatic or particularly severe in some patients. This disease is often associated with dysfunction not only of the lungs, but also of other organs and systems of the body.

Complex rehabilitation programs have been developed in the "Almaty Resort" sanatorium, which help to reduce the negative consequences of the illness, as well as reduce the risks of serious complications.

The main tasks of rehabilitation after pneumonia in the sanatorium are:

  • Prevention of pulmonary fibrosis (the process of formation of scar tissue in them, which has an extremely negative effect on the lungs);
  • Preventing respiratory failure;
  • Acceleration of the recovery of lung tissue;
  • Restoration of the respiratory muscles;
  • Prevention of complications not only on the lungs, but also on other organs and systems of the body;
  • Speedy recovery of strength and performance.

Rehabilitation after discharge from the hospital must begin in 10-15 days with a negative PCR test for COVID-19, received no later than 2 days before the date of arrival at the sanatorium.

Applied examination in the sanatorium:

  1. Therapist's consultation - assessment of the patient's condition, clarification of the diagnosis and the presence of concomitant pathologies.
  2. Functional diagnostics - spirography, ECG.
  3. Laboratory diagnostics - general clinical and biochemical blood and urine tests.
  4. Consultation with a cardiologist - the doctor assesses the risks of cardiovascular disorders as a result of pneumonia.
  5. Physiotherapist's consultation - on the basis of the therapist's conclusion and the examination results, the doctor determines the optimal parameters for carrying out and a set of physiotherapy procedures.
  6. Exercise therapy. Training in special breathing exercises.
  7. Parenteral therapy. Setting of droppers in a day hospital, intramuscular injection of drugs. Comprehensive drug treatment to eliminate residual foci of infection, combat the consequences of intoxication during an illness, start the restoration of damaged tissues of the lungs, liver and other organs of the body.

Together with a 10-15 day course of physiotherapeutic methods of treatment and rehabilitation, the sanatorium uses combinations of such procedures as ultrasound therapy, electro-, magnetic and laser therapy, SMT, electrophoresis, therapeutic massage, halotherapy, swimming, climatotherapy, balneotherapy, etc.

After rehabilitation in the "Almaty Resort" sanatorium, you will have the opportunity to return to normal life and breathe fully, without complications!