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Hello, dear visitors of our website!

I welcome you to the official website of the "Almaty Resort" Sanatorium.

Sanatorium "Almaty Resort" is a modern multifunctional sanatorium and resort complex, where you can not only receive high-quality medical services, but also have a great rest in comfortable rooms made according to European standards.

The individual nature of treatment is the main difference between our medical and spa services. We offer effective rehabilitation and health-improving programs that fully take into account the individual requirements and medical indications of each patient.

We are constantly in search of new opportunities for the further development of health resort and medical services in the best traditions of the Medical Service of the UDP RK.

We are sincerely glad to see you on our official website and are ready to establish a dialogue conducive to constructive cooperation!

Best regards, Yakov Sterligov!

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Republic of Kazakhstan, Almaty, Bostandyk district, Zhailau microdistrict, Almerek st. 1/1

Reception. 24/7
+7 (727) 300 34 00

Booking Department. 09:00-18:00
+7 (727) 300 34 00

SRC +7 (727) 300 34 35

Medical unit. 8.00-16.00
+7 (727) 300 35 00

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Department of accommodation and provision of services.