This is an intense effect on the entire body with a stream of water. There is a massage with water through a cover, a classic hydromassage is performed without direct contact with water. During the non-contact hydromassage procedure, almost all the healing properties of warm water massage are realized:

  • There is a relaxation of spasmodic muscles, thanks to this, discomfort and pain go away;
  • improves blood supply to the massaged tissues (skin, subcutaneous tissue, muscular and articular apparatus), and accordingly improves their nutrition and oxygen supply;
  • metabolic processes in the body are activated, which has a beneficial effect on the general condition of the body, the consumption of calories significantly increases. This is especially useful in weight loss programs;
  • the venous and lymphatic outflow is restored, which helps to eliminate puffiness and eliminate toxins from the body;
  • normalization of the work of internal organs occurs - an ideal option for the complex treatment of chronic diseases of the cardiovascular, respiratory, digestive and other systems;
  • relieving fatigue and tension, restoring psycho-emotional balance help to improve mood and general well-being.

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