The sanatorium is equipped with modern medical equipment for the comprehensive diagnosis and treatment of dental diseases:

  • Consultation of a leading dentist who achieves results, providing exceptional and personalized service;
  • X-ray image of the upper and lower jaw on the latest device of the company Sirona (Germany).

Dentists of the sanatorium provide the following range of dental services for treatment and rehabilitation:

  • Treatment of diseases of the oral mucosa using various physiotherapeutic procedures;
  • gingival irrigation with mineral water;
  • mud applications of the oral cavity, ultrasound, fluctuating currents;
  • treatment of caries and complicated forms of caries: pulpitis and periodontitis with light-cured materials;
  • treatment of erosion and hypoplasia of enamel, wedge-shaped defects of the teeth;
  • treatment of diseases of the oral mucosa and periodontium with the BTL-5000 laser device;
  • teeth whitening with Air-flow apparatus, whitening with individual mouth guards;
  • removal of dental plaque by ultrasound;
  • dental prosthetics (Wallplast).

The following types of prostheses are made in our own dental laboratory:

  • Ceramic-metal crowns;
  • crowns on glass supports;
  • bridges;
  • tabs
  • arch prostheses (prosthetics on micro locks or clasps without turning);
  • soft (silicone)
  • nylon;
  • conditionally removable dentures.