The resort is useful for almost everyone. Unless a person has individual contraindications to sanatorium procedures, which are determined only by his doctor. There are few such contraindications, these are oncology, blood diseases, tuberculosis, pregnancy, diseases requiring inpatient treatment. But climatotherapy, diet and rest, which lead a person to a healthy track, can be recommended to everyone.

Motivation usually comes when it's too late to drink Borjomi. By the age of 50, a person often already has problems with pressure, increased sugar, joint problems begin, and the heart begins to hurt. A man, exhausted by stress, comes only when he completely reaches the handle. And then changes must occur in the head - a person must understand that a bell has rung for him.

When a person, thanks to the regimen and proper nutrition, a person loses excess weight, then hypertension and other related problems will go away. The sanatorium is also obligatory walks, movement. On the territory there are necessarily (and if this is not available somewhere, then I recommend purchasing) bicycles and walking sticks. And even if a person initially came with a desire only to lie down, then already in the process of treatment, energy is restored. And thanks to the work and the word of the doctor, a person sees the results and understands what is needed to maintain a healthy lifestyle outside the sanatorium.

Sanatorium Almaty

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