It is perhaps difficult to find a person who would refuse the pleasure of relaxing after a hard day of work filled with problems and stress. A massage session in the Caracalla bath is a great way to gain strength and energy, increase tone and restore the vitality of the body.

What is the bath of Caracalla

This is a special bath, equipped with a special needle-type hydromassage. Hydromassage in the Caracalla bath is not only a pleasant pleasure and relaxation, but also a healing procedure. Several sessions will help to achieve harmony, strengthen muscles, restore the body's defenses and relieve stress.

The pressure of the water jets is controlled automatically or manually. During the procedure, the client is in warm water at a comfortable temperature. Under the influence of water there is an effect on the muscles, the muscles relax and at the same time strengthen. For each patient, an individual mode of water pressure is selected. This allows you to create comfortable conditions during the procedure, taking into account the individual characteristics of the body.

What is the effect of hydromassage in the Caracalla bath

During hydromassage muscles are strengthened, the body becomes more slender and attractive. In addition to the external effect, this procedure allows you to strengthen the nervous system, get rid of stress and gain positive energy. Also, hydromassage significantly strengthens the immune system, the body becomes more resistant to viral and infectious diseases.

Bath Caracalla Almaty

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