Acupuncture is indicated for the treatment of diseases:

  • Nervous system (especially in cases of osteochondrosis, paresis)
  • Digestive organs
  • Cardiovascular system
  • Kidneys
  • Musculoskeletal apparatus

Acupuncture is effective for neck, back and joint pains, neuroses and depressions, after suffered strokes and heart attacks, in cases of arthritis, hepatic colic, for stabilizing arterial pressure, and so on.

Most often, acupuncture is prescribed in conjunction with medication therapy, but it may be considered the main method of treatment in the presence of allergies or other contraindications.

There are very few contraindications for acupuncture, especially pregnancy, the period of exacerbation of chronic diseases, signs of ARVI, infections, and oncological diseases.

By turning to JSC "LOK "Ok-Zhetpes" "Almaty", one can be assured of the quality of the acupuncture services provided.

In our sanatorium, the acupuncturist Bai Hun, a top-category doctor from China with more than 20 years of experience, conducts treatment based on traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncture.

Many patients from different cities of Kazakhstan come to him for treatment. The results of his treatment are very effective, and many patients gratefully note his high qualification and professional attitude towards those seeking medical help.