Spirography is an objective method for assessing changes in lung volume that are recorded during natural and forced breathing. With the help of spirography, acute and chronic bronchopulmonary diseases of various origins are diagnosed. Spirography is an effective method for evaluating the effectiveness of medical procedures; it is used in professional examinations of all patients and workers in hazardous industries. Spirography is painless, does not involve the introduction of any medical instruments into the patient's body, can be performed on an outpatient basis, and takes only a few minutes. Spirometry should be performed if you have: - prolonged and prolonged unreasonable cough (for 3-4 weeks or more, often after acute respiratory viral infections and acute bronchitis) - shortness of breath, a feeling of "congestion" in the chest; - there is "hoarse" and "whistling" breathing mainly during exhalation; - there is a feeling of difficulty exhaling and inhaling.

When is spirography needed?

Spirography is advisable to carry out if you:

  1. You are a smoker with many years of experience
  2. Suffer from frequent exacerbations of bronchitis or experience shortness of breath, a feeling of lack of air
  3. Have a heredity burdened by diseases of the respiratory system or allergic diseases
  4. Need to correct the therapy of bronchial asthma

How is spirography performed?

The study is carried out in the morning or afternoon, on an empty stomach (not earlier than 2 hours after a light breakfast). Rest in a sitting position is required for 15 minutes before the study. Bronchodilators (bronchodilators) short-acting drugs are canceled 6 hours before the study, long-acting - 12 hours.

Why do you need spirography?

This study allows you to determine the functional state of the lungs and to suggest or confirm the diagnosis of bronchial asthma, COPD. In addition, spirography performed with drugs that reduce bronchospasm allows you to clarify whether the violation of their patency is reversible. In both cases, a correctly established diagnosis helps to start timely treatment, to correct the basic therapy of bronchial asthma and COPD, while maintaining the health and quality of life of the patient.

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