All fitness club marketers have long noticed that the "seasonal aggravation" in the desire to go to the gym begins a couple of months before New Year's corporate parties or before the holiday season. Maybe we can find 5 good "off-season" reasons to go to the gym?

  1. The main reason for coming to the gym is always dissatisfaction with your condition. This may be dissatisfaction with their appearance, their well-being, the proportions of their body. In a word, a person comes with a desire to change something in himself: to lose weight or, on the contrary, gain weight and muscle mass, “remove” problem areas - adjust the figure.
  2. Health problems - a person goes to the gym to improve their functional health (strengthen the musculoskeletal system, start the vegetative system, improve the functioning of the cardiovascular system). The fact is that our body is programmed for physical activity. If it is not there, our body begins to self-destruct, and slowly and imperceptibly, but, unfortunately, inevitably.
  3. The next reason is rehabilitation after illness or injury. That is, the purpose of the arrival is curative. These can be various problems - joints, spine, muscles ... In this case, the classes are on the recommendation of a doctor and under the guidance of a trainer.
  4. Changing the lifestyle and, as a result, the quality of life. It is the arrival in the gym that for many is the necessary "push" to change the entire lifestyle, diet, daily routine, etc. What a person cannot do on his own and what he can do under the guidance of a coach.
  5. In last place among the reasons for coming to the gym is the desire to “pump up” a large muscle mass. If we talk about achieving a result in the form of a set of large muscle mass, this will require enormous efforts from the athlete in the gym, a complete change in lifestyle, and, as practice shows, this becomes possible only after 2-3 years of regular strength training under the guidance of a sports coach. Big muscles are already a professional sport and lifestyle, and the average person will not have “hypermuscles”.

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