The 3x3 streetball tournament of the same name was held in the Almaty Resort Sanatorium.

Street basketball competitions were held from August 16 to 18, 2019 with the support of the Almaty Resort Sanatorium and the Step Computer Academy.

For 3 days, 18 teams fought for the title of the best. Teams of different ages took part in the tournament: 15-16 years old, 17-18 years old, as well as 18+, among which were both girls and boys.

Marta Ahmetkarim has been professionally involved in basketball for over 10 years. During the vacation, the girl decided to take part in street competitions instead of rest. As a result, Marta's team took second place among girls in the 18+ age group.

“I think streetball is a little more difficult than traditional basketball. In streetball, the pace of the game is always very high,” admits Marta Ahmetkarim.

The director of the Step Computer Academy Aliya Aldabergenova told about the goals set by the organizers of this tournament.

- Tournament "Almaty Resort", we organized for the youth of Almaty, so that during the summer holidays and during the holidays, young people could have an active rest. A month before the official start of the tournament, we spread the word on social networks. As a result, we had 18 teams. Such competitions, we hope, will become traditional in Almaty Resort.

As a result, the teams among the girls in 5 age categories became the owners of gold awards: "Canaries", "Monsters", "Lightning", "WWW" and the team "Old Star".

Among men: "Dream Team", "Peak", "Fearless", "School No. 8" and the team "Kuanysh".

Among the girls' team of category 18+: 3rd place - "Golden dragons", 2nd place - "YuVa 2", 1st place - "YuVa 1".

Among the girls' team of category U18: 3rd place - "Rolinal", 2nd place - "YUVA", 1st place - "7 rivers wolves".

Among the men's team of U18 category: 3rd place - "SHMOKERS 420", 2nd place - "Rakhat Destroys", 1st place - "Khankong".

Among the men's team of category U16: 3rd place - "Samurailar", 2nd place - "Lazy Bears", 1st place - "MVP oF Rakhat".

Among the team of the U14 Mixed category: 3rd place - "Forvard", 2nd place - "Golden Dragons", 1st place - "YuVa".

The best players of the Almaty Resort Tournament were also awarded with prizes and gifts.