Advice from the head of the medical and rehabilitation department of Almaty Resort

In the modern world, more and more types of work require constant sitting at the computer. However, when a person sits in one position for several hours (or even more) day after day, the work of almost all body systems is disrupted over time.

Even if you sit constantly evenly, then the lower back and pelvic organs suffer from the load. But few people manage to sit exactly all the time. Basically we bend to one side, resting our chin with our left hand, while our right hand is on a computer mouse.

We talked with the head of the treatment and rehabilitation department of the Almaty Resort, Gulnar Shermatovna Tulepbergenova, about how to protect your back during sedentary work.

- Gulnar Shermatovna, tell me, please, what is the danger of sedentary work?

- With pain in the neck, cerebral blood supply is disturbed, because of this, memory, attention, intellectual abilities, as well as the emotional state deteriorate, in addition, a curved seat causes scoliosis and pinching of muscles and nerves, and over time leads to compression of the heart and lungs, also , from constant sitting there is a narrowing of the intervertebral space in the lumbar region, which can cause a hernia, not to mention constant back pain.
- In addition to all these problems faced by employees of "sedentary work", one can also name swelling of the legs and varicose veins, congestion in the pelvic organs and the subsequent disruption of their work.

- Gulnar Shermatovna, how to protect your back during sedentary work?

- The only way to keep your back strong and healthy is regular relaxation and exercise.

- At the workplace, every half an hour - an hour, get up from the computer and do a warm-up:

  1. arch your chest with a wheel and try to bring your shoulder blades together;
  2. tilt your body to the right and left. Feel how your lateral muscles are stretched;
  3. lower your head to your chest and stretch the muscles at the back of your neck;
  4. tilt your torso down, bending at the waist, and stretch.

- It is very IMPORTANT to do exercises at the workplace .

- In addition to regular workouts, do not forget about the gym. With strengthened back muscles, it is easier to maintain the correct position when sitting and walking. Also, once a month, visit a massage therapist - he will relieve muscle hypertonicity and improve blood circulation in the clamped area.

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