Accidents happen unexpectedly. Suddenly, you might slip, fall, and break your limbs. Or you could get injured at work. Then the ordeal of surgeries and long-term treatment processes begin. The same happens after a stroke. Getting back on your feet is the hardest part. Immediate recovery is not easy. As the Kazakh saying goes, " Health is more important than wealth." To restore your health, you should not be negligent but consult with specialists and seek medical advice.

Currently, at the "Almaty Resort" sanatorium, patients are undergoing special courses with passive exercise equipment. To substantiate our claim with figures, in the past three months since January, 698 people have come to the treatment-recovery department complaining of stiff arms and legs, and joints, while 821 complained of poor blood circulation. There are also many others who have sought help for various diseases. Out of these, all 1015 patients who agreed to receive specific treatments have entered the recovery department with illnesses and after completing the course, have fully recovered. That's a 100% success rate!

Furthermore, all 128 patients who went to the special recovery gym after injuries have recovered. According to rehabilitation doctor Alexander Shin, most patients are those who have had knee or hip prostheses. "In addition, citizens who have broken their arms or legs and then experienced pain after removing their casts are coming here and recovering after the exercises," says Alexander Afanasyevich. The "Almaty Resort" sanatorium accepts citizens either through the Mandatory Health Insurance Fund or on a paid basis.